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Friday Inspiration - Nyome

This Friday's inspiration isn't my usual photographer or retoucher but rather a beautiful model called Nyome.

Credits - Model: Nyome Photographer: Hollie Buxton MUA: Vaneza Lopez

This powerful lady is all about body empowerment and loving yourself AND she's just become BAME Models first plus size model! This woman is making things happen and still staying humble and we want to celebrate her.

First of all, how beautiful is her face! She can look both fierce and sweet. A lot of plus size models get turned down for beauty work and we think it's ridiculous. This face would sell any make-up and why shouldn't it.

Credits - Same as above Credits - Glitter Palace UK

And then we get to her body and wow, Nyome has so much confidence and soul. We're so glad to finally get to see women of all shapes being celebrated, especially on instagram where the "perfect body" has been a focus for a long time. This is what our young girls need to see, positivity and life.

Credits - Same as above

Go show her some love, give her a follow and bring some light to your feed!

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